Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bayon temple and an authentic Cambodian cooking class

We set off to visit the Bayon temple early in the morning and we did it in style, riding elephants through the main complex doors. The characteristic that separates the Bayon ruins from many others is the giant smiling faces. After exploring we made our way downtown to an authentic Cambodian/Khmer cooking school. We journeyed down to the local market to pick up the ingredients for our main courses with our cooking instructors. The preparation of the food was a timely process and gave us all a better appreciation for the food we have been enjoying on this trip.

Jian far left, Dallas on the platform, Tyler and Athan on the elephant

Atop the elephant 
Smiling statue at Bayon
Monks at Bayon

Before and after of corresponding vegetables

Picking up a few ingredients at the local market

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