Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teaching and more teaching

We've spent the last two days teaching at two schools. One is a primary school with a secondary school (K-9), we teach there in the morning and in the afternoon we teach at a primary school (grades 1-6). It's been a very rewarding experience working with all of these young children, there are usually about 70-90 children in each class and we are divided into teams of 6 to instruct the children. We are teaching mostly English at this point. The work ethic and motivation of the children we are working with is truly inspirational, there are some very bright young students and they make teaching them an enjoyable experience.

We've seen all of the wells now, the well donated by the Loudon Family in memory of Joseph Payne Patrick Loudon is pictured below. We were also able to see the finished well sponsored by Jian, Athan, Paul and Tyler. We even had time to get a game of soccer in at our morning school.

"The first ever Cambodia US combined team soccer match was played at  Ta Pang school. It was hot like hell at 11:30 am yet the students played like mad. It finished with 1:0 and goal posts made from a freshly cut down tree. We have had some difficulty inflating all the 50 balls as the pump broke down then we bought a bike pump and had to scour Siem Reap to find a needle for the balls. But we did manage of course and kids are so happy at recess playing all sorts of ball games."

In front of the primary school

Matt Loudon in front of his well

Britney working with the students

Completed well, it was nice to the process

Soccer game

A class of 92 students


  1. You guys are doing a great job and it looks like you are having fun too! Question... Did you guys get a chance to visit our family well sponsored by The Forno's ?

    1. Thank you, and yes we're having a blast! Yes, we did see the Forno Family well, I just posted it in today's update. Sorry for the late post.