Friday, January 20, 2012

Last day at the schools

Today was our last day of instruction at the two schools, we spent a majority of our time handing out books for them to take home (we also stocked their library) and giving them clothes. We taught them the game "Hangman" on the blackboard and enjoyed playing soccer and volleyball. It was emotional for the young students as we said our goodbyes, they treated us with a singing farewell of a song we have spent the last two days teaching them. It left quite an impression on all of us, as we rode away in our van we discussed how great it be to return to the schools someday.

We also visited the Forno Family and Van Soest Family sponsored wells yesterday, they were the last wells we were to visit while we are here. It was great to see the multiple families that the utilize the well (each well is normally used by 3-4 families). Specially after seeing the stagnant water they had become accustomed to.

The Forno Family well

Stephany and Jian teaching the kids "Hangman"

6th Grade class

Kate with some of the children that use her sponsored well

The Van Soest Family well

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