Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Schools, wells, and an orphanage

This morning we dropped off school supplies to the bigger of the two schools we are working with. It has a primary and secondary school (grades K-9). We continued our English lessons with them which consists mostly of basic greetings, colors, and their family. We spent recess with them which is always a blast, volleyball, soccer, and anything you think of that involves a volleyball or soccer ball. On our way to lunch we stopped by the Devries Family well. The local family there was incredibly grateful. After lunch at our favorite spot with the hammocks we headed out to see school number 2, where English lessons continued. In the evening we stopped by the O'Regan Family sponsored well, it supports a farming family and is accessible to much of the nearby village. We then visited an arts-and-crafts workshop that gives children an opportunity to raise a little money, it doubles as a housing facility for orphan children too.

Tara Bhatnagar-
"I felt great happiness when I saw the well we sponsored, knowing that the contribution by my family was helping such amazing people. It is a priceless emotion. I was surprised to find out that the new baby's mom at the well had given birth two days ago. Back home the baby and mom would still be in the hospital. Life is very different here, but that is not a bad thing.

Although these people have much less than we do, I can honestly say they are much happier than very wealth people I have met. cambodia is making me appreciate all that I am priviledged with."

The children are eager play in their new well (thanks to the Bhatnagar Family)
Devries Family well

O'Regan Family well

Orphanage/ arts-and-crafts facility

Students enjoying new toys

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