Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First day in Cambodia!

We arrived late last night, we met Cambodia at 78 degrees and humid, but it was still refreshing after spending nearly 19 hours on a plane. We met the founder of the Cambodia Child's Dream Organization(CCDO)- Mr. Panah Ou. He is a very impressive yet humble man, CCDO has been very successful. specially considering this is his second job. He saw the need for water wells nearly 10 years ago  when he realized that many people were getting sick using the local canal water, clean water was unaccessible. 

Student reflection-
St. Mary's student Matt Loudon, "Cambodia seems to be a really young country, it has a free spirit about it. I feel like I could stay young for a very long time here."

Top left: Ksenija, Susie, Brandon, Paul, Jian, Athan, Kate, Dallas, Britney, Baxter, Chelsea, Matt, Adrianna
Front row: Tyler, Tara, Stephany, Olivia, Claire, Rachel, Chelsea

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